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This site contains information and happenings at the Carter Market Booth located at the Lonesome Dove Famers and Flea Market in Seymour, Iowa. Carter Farm is the chief supplier of fresh produce at the Market. You can contact us at carterfarm@hotmail.com

Our Garden
We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables at Carter Farm some of them include, lettuce, both bush and pole beans of various types and colors, pumpkins, okra, zucchini, both yellow and green, various gourds, butternut squash, various cucumbers, turnips, carrots, potatoes, asparagus, many different fresh herbs, several varieties and tomatoes and usually at least 13 different types of peppers, including the VERY hot!! We also raise and sell raspberries, strawberries and blackberries and this year will be adding 2-3 types of grapes.

This is Rich, Ready to Plant!
We start a lot of our own seeds in the late winter, we built a small green house this past winter which makes it a lot easier. The building he is coming out of is the on-the-farm Market. We have fresh produce in there throughout the season, as well as eggs in the refrigerator and chickens in the Freezer. Most of the on-the-farm Business is an On-Your-Honor type of setup. Please just leave the money for what you get in the jar! Prices are posted clearly!

Herbs Available
We also raise a small variety of fresh herbs including chives, oregano, basil, dill and cilantro. I am planning to expand somewhat over the next few years.

Fresh Free Range Poultry
Every year we raise a couple of hundred truly free range chickens and sell them as fryers, broilers or layers. The chickens are free to roam the farm and allowed to eat at their will. There at processed at their optimum weight and frozen quickly to retain freshness. If you prefer to process them yourself, that's fine too!

Be sure to visit often!!